Incredible Facts of Jaipur:

In Jaipur Tour, you will enjoy the facts, enriching history, diverse culture, delicious food, warriors, and amazing architecture. Jaipur city is India’s largest state Rajasthan, which is located on the northwestern side of India. This city was inhabited in 1727 AD by ‘Maharaja Jai Singh Second’, who was the most powerful ruler of the ‘kachhwaha dynasty’. There are seven gates for entering and the whole city is surrounded by beautiful walls. The pink colored stones are used for building here, therefore, it is also known as the pink city. The city of Jaipur is quite famous for its forts, palaces, havelies, culture, and tradition, which tell the stories of the warriors here. The View in the rain is very beautiful, so the best photography can be done here. After visiting Jaipur, you will feel that this is your best trip so far. This city has been declared a World Heritage site city by UNESCO. Recently, Jaipur was also included in the 10 most beautiful cities of the world.

Let's Look At Awesome Facts About Jaipur:

1- The Establishment of Jaipur City:

Do you know? Jaipur is India’s first planned city. It was established in 1727 by ‘Maharaja Jai Singh Second’, who was the most powerful ruler of the ‘Kachhwaha dynasty’ and the city was called Jaipur after his name.

2- The Population & Area:

Going to depth, the current population of Jaipur in 2020 is 3,909,000 and the surface area of Jaipur city is 484.6 km2.

3- The Religions:

The major religion of Jaipur is Hinduism, Muslim, and Jainism, which includes Hindus around 77.91%, Muslims around 18.61%, Jains around 2.36%, and others. Like other places in the world, Islam is the fastest-growing religion in Jaipur.

4- Also Known As Pink City:

You heard the fact, in 1876 AD, Queen ‘Elizabeth’ of England and ‘Albert Edward’ crown prince of Wales were coming to Jaipur and due to this, the whole city was painted pink. The king ‘Ramsingh’ was busy with full respect in hospitality. To welcome them, he decorated the entire city like a bride in pink, therefore, this city is also called the pink city.

5- Tradition, Culture, Language, Rajasthani Food & Activity:

In Jaipur Tour, It is great to describe, the women of Jaipur wearing long Skirts and Blouses, this traditional dress is called Ghaghra- Choli. While men wear a colorful turban on their heads and Dhoti- Kurta.

This is very famous for its colorful people and handicraft shops. There are various types of Jewelry, Carpets, Pottery Gems, etc., found in many markets, which are completely different and unique.

The main languages of Jaipur are Marwari and Rajasthani. Apart from this, Hindi and English are also spoken here.

In Jaipur Tour, you will also know, it is famous for delicious and spicy food. Dal-Bati-churma, Onion kachori, and Achari-Cock are the main dishes here.

This city offers a lot of chances to appreciate Elephant and Camel Ride.

6- Luxury Hotel:

It is great to tell, ‘The Rambagh palace hotel’ in Jaipur is one of the most expensive hotels in the world to CNN’s accord, where approx 1,500,0 USD has to be paid for a night. On Jaipur Tour, you will get a chance to stay in a luxury hotel too.

7- Fairs, Festivals & Recommended by Tour Trademark:

As you know after choosing Jaipur Tour, you will discover the fairs and festivals of the city. ‘Jaipur Vintage Car Rally’ is the most popular festival here, in which many Vintage cars can be seen. Apart from this, the Elephant festival is also quite famous, in which elephants are decorated with different colors.

It is amazing to know that the Jaipur Tour, the world’s largest free literary festival occurs in Jaipur, which was first started in 2006, this festival is celebrated every year in the month of January.

According to the Condé Nast Traveller Survey, Jaipur is the seventh best place to visit in Asia.

In 2015, Jaipur was also awarded the ‘Best Traveler Choice’ award in India by “TripAdvisor”.

8- Associate In UNESCO:

Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort are two of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Jaipur and in July, this city has been given, the status of World Heritage City.

Now Let’s Have a Look at Jaipur’s Famous Attractions:

Great! This Jaipur Tour covers all the top attractions of the city.

Amber Fort or Amber Fort:

This fort was built by king Man Singh, who was a trusted army general of the Mughal emperor “Akbar”. This fort is quite famous due to its architectural craft and history. It is made of pink stone and yellow sandstone. The royal family used to live here for several generations.

Water Palace:

This five-story building is situated in the middle of the ‘Man Sagar lake. It’s one floor above the water surface and four floors submerged under water. The time of sunrise and sunset is the best time to see it.

Wind Palace:

This five-story building is made of red sandstone, which was created by ‘Maharana Pratap’, whose shape is like the crown of the head. This building is famous worldwide as the most famous landmark of Jaipur. It has 953 small windows, so it is also called the palace of winds. This palace was built for the royal empress, through this, they used to see festivals and fairs in the city.

City Palace:

It is a major attraction with a precise blend of Indian style and European architecture. From here, you can cover the entire Jaipur in your eyes, it was built by ‘Vidyadhar Bhattacharya’ in 1727 AD.

Jantar Mantar:

This amazing building was built in 1724 AD by ‘Maharaja Jai Singh Second’ for the discovery of celestial bodies. The ancient instruments present here to reveal the time, direction, and eclipse. When you choose Jaipur Tour, you will definitely enjoy the history and attractions of the city. As well as, you will explore the diverse culture. After you taste the food of Jaipur, you yourself will appreciate it and become a witness to it.

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